Who are Anything But Sandwiches?

We are passionate about healthy food that is simple to prepare.

It’s all very well taking 3 hours to make something Insta-ready if you’ve got the time. But when you’re working from home, battling WiFi issues, scheduling Zoom calls and trying desperately to find some work-life balance in this “new normal”, you want quick, satisfying, and healthy. And popping across the road from the office to Pret (other sandwich shops are available!) is no longer an option – your fridge is all you have.

Here at Anything But Sandwiches we are busy parents trying to make sure that our partners (and ourselves) are eating healthy food, that keeps them sustained through the day, whilst not taking hours to prepare.

We are a source of real recipes, that are easy to follow, with groceries you can find in your supermarket shop. We’ll use similar ingredients frequently in different ways so that you’re not buying 15 things you’ve never heard of for one meal, only for them never to be mentioned again.

We want to make your lunchtime a positive, and tasty, experience.

Why are we picking on sandwiches?

Think of lunch and you think of a sandwich, but whilst quick and easy, nutritionally sandwiches leave a lot to be desired. They’re full of quick release carbs that spike your blood sugar resulting in that 4pm (or 3pm) crash, often don’t involve vegetables full of important nutrients, and contain more empty calories than something more imaginative and less bread-based.

Using similar ingredients and a very similar prep time it’s possible to create more interesting, tastier and healthier meals.

What are the benefits of good lunch habits?

Knowing the building blocks of the well-balanced meal can take a lot of the guesswork out of deciding what to have for lunch. Every meal should contain carbohydrates for energy, protein for repairing body tissue, fruit or vegetables for a whole host of vitamins and minerals, and some healthy fats to support cell growth.

Including all of these things on your plate means that you are giving your body everything it needs to keep running efficiently. Click on our "Perfect Lunch Plate Combo" below for some ideas.

#1 Energy

Steering away from quick-release carbs (bread) you can make sure you have more energy for longer.

#2 Focus

A filling lunch will help you focus on the rest of your afternoon, all the way until close of business.

#3 Fuller for longer

Making sure that you eat a correctly portioned and healthy lunch can stop the automatic reach for the biscuits at 3pm, with all their empty calories.

#4 Balance

Regular meals keep your blood sugar level and maintain your mood throughout the day.

#5 Immune System Boost

Filling your diet with a variety of nutritious food ensures you get regular doses of antioxidants and probiotics which help protect your body against disease.

The Perfect Lunch Plate Combo

Making a quick and tasty lunch isn’t rocket science - although it sometimes feels like some sort of wizardry!
So we thought it might be helpful if we created this simple lunch plate combo tool to help you craft your own tasty lunchtime recipes!

Discover Your Perfect Combo!
Before you go here are amazing lunchtime facts to share with your friends...

...OK maybe we've overblown the "share with friends" bit but these are quite interesting factoids all the same!

In 2017 research by the Covent Garden Soup Company showed that:

1 in 6 people have eaten the same lunch every day for at least two years and 77% of the 2,000 people they polled had eaten the same lunch every day for at least 9 months. 

Trust us and treat your taste buds today!

If you fall into either of these categories we won't judge...but treat yourself and your taste buds try one of these tasty, quick and healthy lunch ideas today - go on break the habit!