How to cook the perfect baked potato every time!

Cooking the perfect baked potato is not a tricky culinary skill, but to get it consistently right every time does mean following a few basic steps using just four everyday  ingredients.  

Now we try to keep everything simple so we’re not going to enter the argument of whether your King Edwards fluff up better than your Maris Pipers. Don’t over-complicate it just pick a potato and get on with it!  

STOP! Having said that there are dangers in this process you may not have considered – and we’re talking explosions here! So please don’t enter this recipe lightly and make sure you read the instructions carefully to avoid a messy and unhappy ending!

Added bonus prepper tip:  As you will be using the oven anyway it seems a waste to use all that heat and energy on one solitary potato so why not do what we do and cook maybe four spuds in one go and there you have multiple meals sorted.  All you need to do when your ready is reheat in a microwave and decided on the topping or sides! Simple, fast and tasty lunches.


4 medium to large baking potatoes

2 tbsp Olive oil

Ground course sea salt

Ground black pepper

Superfast technique

Heat the oven to 200°C 

In a bowl or dish mix the salt, pepper and oil together

Here’s the explosion avoidance step>>>>> with a fork prick the potatoes all over. Not only will this help cook the potato evenly it will also allow the steam and moisture that will develop during cooking to have an escape route rather than building up the pressure inside the skin that could ultimately lead to a terrifying spudsplosion!

Now your safe to roll each of the potatoes in the oil mix so they are evenly coated and shiny

Put the potatoes in a microwave friendly dish. Place the dish into the microwave and cook the potatoes on medium power for 8 minutes.

When you hear the magic ping. Remove the potatoes from the dish and place them directly onto the grill rack in the pre-heated oven.

Now bake the potatoes for a further 15-20minutes until the skins are nice and crispy.

Remove your now perfect baked potato from the oven. If you are eating straight away just slice open the skin add a little butter plus any other topping of choice – pretty much anything goes here and your all done.  

More traditional non pinging technique

Follow all the non-microwave related steps above but heat the oven to just 180°C and cook the potatoes in two stints of 30-40 minutes each depending on the size of your potato.

After the first 30 minutes remove the potatoes from the oven and recoat in oil mixture.

If saving for later allow the potatoes to cool pop them into a container and store in the fridge for up to four days.  Then when you’re ready reheat for 2 minutes in the microwave when you want them.

Baked potatoes really are the ultimate quick healthy lunch idea and perfect comfort food that will keep you filled up all afternoon.